Pond Tour, 3 pm

The crowds have been sparse today: only 4 groups have stopped by today. The pond is looking pretty good and the rain refreshed the garden, but the chickens next door are the real hit so far!


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  1. Looks fantastic. Probably the heat kept more people from venturing out. Saturday was stifling.

    Chickens for neighbors – how cool! I know I’ll never talk the Lawn Man into chickens, but if I could, I’d have three of them.


  2. Posted by lakechicagoshores on July 27, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    Well, it was some combination of the heat and rain – our corner of Oak Park got over 8″ of rain the night before and both the Blue Line and Eisenhower near us was flooded.

    We are hoping for surplus eggs, but first the young hens need to start laying (followed by waiting for egg overdose by the owners).


  3. Hi Lake Chicago Shores, I don’t think we’ve met (I looked around a bit for your name) but I am originally from Chicago – it’s where I learned my gardening chops and as we know you have to be patient to learn to garden in that incredible climate where the temps range over 100 degrees F from winter to summer.

    Anywhoo, I am hoping you might want to feature your pond through the years on YourGardenShow. It may bring a new audience to your work.

    Hope so. But even if not, have an exhuberant growing year in 2011.

    Best, Lisa Finerty


  4. What a great idea, A pond tour.
    I am always surprised by just how many gardens have ponds in them and most are very good looking.
    And they always help with attracting the wildlife into the garden
    Thanks for sharing


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