Pond Tour, 10:30 am

We had a night of thunderstorms and flooding rains, filling the pond nearly to the rim. A break in the rain means that the plants are bouncing back a bit. Still no visitors yet, so we’re just relaxing on the front porch, peering at each car driving by.


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  1. I’m a Chicago native and I had a pond while I lived in Bucktown. I know the effort – and the challenge to keep it beautiful. Compliments on all scores. If I’m close during one of your tours, we will meet.

    I am hoping you might suggest a way to get the word out about an Initiative we are doing for Citizen Science on our gardening website, YourGardenShow (the project of my husband and mine). This month, after 6 months in the making, we launch our Citizen Science activity portal – plant phenological data – with the oversight of USANPN. While YourGardenShow is principally for gardeners, this set of initiatives is for those who might not have their own garden.

    If you get a chance, would you please look at our site, the Citizen Science pages, and see if it has anything you might be able applicable to you or something for you to write about? Hope so. Best to you and a long and leisurely spring. Contact me with any questions or comments or if there is a way you think we might be able to work together to get the word out.


    Lisa Finerty
    Strategic Outreach Director
    Your Garden Show
    Twitter: yourgardenshow
    Like on Facebook
    San Francisco

    Find inspiration,
    grow your garden,
    share with others.


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