Pond Tours 2010

Pond in bloom

It’s pond tour time here in Chicagoland, and I’m readying the pond for the MPKS tour in 3 weeks. Here’s information about tours that I’ve found so far:

The Midwest Pond and Koi Society pond tour is over two weekends at the end of the month: July 24-25 and July 31-August 1.   Each of 4 regions around Chicago have a day dedicated to them.  My pond is in the central region and thus will be open for the tour on Saturday July 24.  Follow the link at the start of this paragraph to find out where to buy maps and other details.

Aquascape is having 4 mini-tours this year.  Alas, the first one was last month, but there are 3 more scheduled.  The next one is in Downers Grove on July 24, which can be combined easily with the central region MPKS tour.

Pond tours are fun even if you’ve never considered having a pond.   You can see huge spectacular installations (including one big enough to scuba in) with award-winning koi, little urban goldfish ponds like mine, and everything in-between.  There’s a whole range of gardening involved as well, so you get a garden walk  in with your pond tour.

Y’all come visit!  Since it’s a Saturday, I’ll have some of the Oak Park Farmer’s Market famous donuts if you come early enough in the day (and you can shop there yourself if you get to town by 1 pm).

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