The bittersweet chronicles: spring 2010 edition

American bittersweet

Not only is the American bittersweet (Celastrus scandens) no longer puny, it’s in bloom!  Both plants have overtopped the trellis, and it’s only May.  As Monica predicted, there were some sprouts from the old invasive bittersweet C. orbiculatus, but the darker and glossier leaves are easy to spot and I’ve been rooting them out as soon as I see them.

American bittersweet - female flower

The female plant is blooming…

American bittersweet - male flowers

…as is the male plant.  One can only hope that this means that there will be berries this fall, if the bees and/or wind do their pollination job.

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  1. […] it wasn’t the native.  See the proof in my later post.  Also, see what native bittersweet flowers really look like.   Comments […]


  2. Yay!


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