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A foot of snow and an earthquake

Pond after a foot of snow

Not only did we pick up a foot or so of snow last night, we also had an earthquakeUnlike the last magnitude 5.2 quake, our earthquake indicator – a small action figure of Jean Alesi standing on my framed diploma – did not fall over.  Like the last one, this one didn’t wake me up.  My hypothesis is that the tipping point for M. Alesi is somewhere between a mag 3.8 and a mag 5.2.

There’s no animal prints in such a deep snow, but the previous dusting did leave some interesting ones:

Feral cat tracks

One of the local feral cats jumping up on the fence to visit another yard.

Raccoon tracks?

Check out those little fingers! I’m guessing this is from one of the many raccoons in the area.