A trip to Morton Arboretum

Morton Arb: patch of wildflowers

To celebrate the holiday weekend and get some exercise, the Spouse and I went hiking at Morton Arboretum. We don’t get out there very often since it involves a trip on the dreaded tollway. Of course, I didn’t remember to bring an actual camera, but my iPhone is good enough to get the gist of things, like the mass of yellow wildflowers above.

Morton Arb: Jack in the pulpit berries

We hiked loops 3 & 4 on the east side of the arboretum. Loop 4 is almost exclusively in woodland, so any interesting plants made us pay attention. We saw the berries above all over the place, and the folks at the visitors center informed us that they were either Jack-in-the-pulpit or green dragon. Since I’ve been dragging my feet on getting any J-i-t-p, this may be the motivation to plant some in the side yard. Another notable berry we saw was Solomon’s plume, but with red berries rather than the bronzy ones seen on my plants.


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  1. My friend gets vibrant red Jack berries like that… mine always wither and fall off, but they bloom next year just the same. Must be a different variety?!?!


  2. Monica and I were there in the rain Monday after Spring Fling – might have to make another visit soon! Now that 355 goes through to I-80 it’s pretty easy to get there from the south ‘burbs. This is a great time of year to visit the Arboretum.

    You got some nice shots with the iPhone. Good way to spend part of the holiday weekend!


  3. Jack-in-the-pulpit is one of those plants I keep telling myself to buy and can never remember. I was even once given a bunch of seeds and forgot what I did with them. They’re beautiful and the seeds are picture photography worthy.


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