Raccoon party in the pond

I can stop blaming the baby raccoons now.  Last night, the spouse and I were awoken by loud squealing and chattering coming from the back yard.  With the help of a flashlight, we found at least 6 full-grown raccoons having a party or a fight in and around our pond.  They were deterred only slowly by the light and our yelling.  Here’s some fun facts I learned:

  • Raccoons are not afraid of the water.  We saw a couple cannonball into the deepest part of the pond from our patio.
  • Raccoons don’t need the shallow areas to get out of the pond – they just climbed right up the rocks when they were done in the pond.
  • We couldn’t hear them getting in and out of the pond over the sound of the waterfall.  They may jump right in, but either they’re graceful divers or their small bodies don’t splash louder than the waterfall.  This explains why we never heard them in the pond before – if they’re not yelling, they’re quiet.

The pickerel weed is almost gone now, and the lizard’s tail and water lily are pretty torn up as well.  I didn’t have the heart to do a goldfish headcount this morning.  I’m grateful that this happened after our pond tour day, and that we don’t have expensive koi!

UPDATE: I think most, if not all, of the fish survived the raccoon party.  There’s one shubunkin that I didn’t find, but it’s mostly black, and my walking through the pond to pick up pieces of lizard’s tail, pickerel weed, and water lily root made the water pretty murky.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Funny.

    You should have caught them on video. I spotted one walking on my block a couple of weeks back (they’re rare around here) and rushed to get the camera but he (or she) was gone by the time I made it to the spot I saw it at.


  2. Oh, yes, raccoons are very clever and adventurous. They can do just about anything! (I have one right now doing calculus for example–ha!)


  3. Wow – six uninvited party animals in the backyard in the middle of the night.

    I didn’t know raccoons hung around in groups, er. . . gangs like that.


  4. Posted by lakechicagoshores on July 22, 2009 at 10:15 am

    The screaming and chattering may have been from the number of critters that showed up since they’re supposed to be relatively solitary. Perhaps a couple of different groups had reservations for a pickerel weed and goldfish dinner at the same time, and got peeved at the crowd?

    MBT, you can feel free to stop by and pick up a few (plus a bonus opossum) if you’d like!


  5. […] hosta blooms are a few days behind schedule and the pickerel weed isn’t blooming at all after all the raccoon pool parties.   Links below go to pictures of that bloom in recent […]


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