Life after frost

Autumn Brilliance

Even though we’ve had a frost here this week, the garden is still alive. The ‘Autumn Brilliance’ serviceberry is living up to its nickname, even as the parsley beneath it is vibrant green.


Both the calendula (above) and snapdragon (below) are blooming as if it were midsummer.

Late October snapdragons

Great blue lobelia

Leaves are starting to turn on the great blue lobelia and other plants, but the only one to have shed all its leaves is the grape woodbine.  The only fall colors on the Swiss chard, however, are the brightly colored stems; the leaves are still green and new ones are appearing daily.



2 responses to this post.

  1. […] We’ve been doing fall cleanup today: mulching leaves, cleaning out the pond, pulling grass out of the mulch paths. Not only is the weather unseasonably mild, but I believe we’re at peak fall color. Certainly the serviceberry has gotten even brighter since my last photo. […]


  2. […] There’s nothing new this month: the only blooms hanging on through the chilly weather are the snapdragons and calendula.  They look about the same as they have for the past month, so I’m not going to brave the […]


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