Before and After

The spouse recently dug up photos taken right before we started redoing the backyard in 2005. It’s really unfair to compare March garden pictures to August pictures, but it does give you some idea about how things can change in 3 years (and yes, there will be a pond evolution photo series later this month to show how it has changed as well).

north side of backyard - March 2005

north side of backyard - August 2008

Note that the big leaning Siberian elm next to the garage door was removed. (The garage was put in just 3 years before the “before” picture – what were they thinking?) It was sheer luck that no one knocked themselves unconscious walking out of the garage. The curved sidewalk/patio means that we can plant in the sunniest area of the backyard. A few pots also help us to catch what little sun we get.

backyard - March 2005

backyard - August 2008

The one tree I regret removing is the pie cherry tree in the center of the “before” picture, but it was smack in the middle of the yard. Adding a trellis and a serviceberry tree helps make the garage less stark. And somehow, having the pond there makes the yard look bigger and less flat.


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  1. Wow! What a transformation! Did you guys do all that work yourself? I love the 2 simple arbors (or is it a trellis?) one by the fence and one by the house. Did you build those yourself? I’ve been wanting something similar to shade/hide our basketball court.


  2. Posted by lakechicagoshores on August 11, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    We hired folks to remove the trees, pour the concrete, and install the pond, but we did everything else, including building and installing the trellises. There are lots of plans (including our design) that can be found by googling “cedar trellis plans”.


  3. Posted by lakechicagoshores on August 11, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    Oh, I did forget that the serviceberry was also professionally installed, along with a couple of other biggish trees and shrubs that don’t show up in these pictures.


  4. […] between our house and the neighbor’s, an Ailanthus (tree of heaven – say no more), a Siberian elm right by the garage door (and the garage was brand new, too!), and a pie cherry tree right in the middle of the back […]


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