Good weather for frogs

The rain I’ve been hoping for – a nice steady rain to make up for the dryness of the past month – fell yesterday. Unfortunately, that was also our pond tour day. So, instead of spending the day in the backyard, we set up camp on our big covered front porch, escorting the occasional umbrella-laden group to the pond. Everything looked pretty good except for the Annabelle hydrangeas, which were pretty droopy from the rain (and from my inadequate pruning job in late winter – something that I will endeavor to learn from). We received a bunch of compliments, and perhaps even some excess goldfish from other ponders. It ended up being a good but exhausting day.

Besides the garden getting a good drink, the rain brought another benefit: one of our tadpoles is now a frog! The tadpoles were purported to be from leopard frogs, but it seems like this one might be a green frog instead.

We have a frog!

We’ve been seeing something jump from our “beach” into the water when we walk by, but we never actually saw it stationary before yesterday morning.

Frog with goldfish


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