Leaves + Pond = Water gardening in the cold

Alas, no pictures today because it’s been cloudy and the days are so friggin’ short now!

Fall is one of the busy times with the pond. Not only are there lots of trees in my yard, but there are lots of trees in all the surrounding yards, and the fallen leaves will blow around until they can’t blow around anymore. One good way to stop a leaf is for it to fall in the pond. So the skimmer has to be emptied at least once a day (more than that if it’s particularly windy or rainy), and I’ve also been using a skimmer net to pull leaves off the bottom of the pond. The water lettuce and water hyacinth – both tropicals – are now residing on the compost heap. I found last year that a bit of work in the fall and early winter can really reduce string algae in the spring. I need to also remember that while it may be necessary, it is not sufficient: an April cleanout and bacteria reseeding is also required!


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