Lazy Urban Composting, Part 4 – Two Buckets!

Some of the recipients of the compost pile output.

I finally dug out the compost pile over the weekend, and got two buckets of the good stuff for the bed beside the garage. I probably could have gotten more if I had really dug the whole thing out, but it was too easy just to dig a hole in the side of the pile and pull out what I did get.

The compostable plates I put in the pile at the beginning of the summer were completely gone, so I’ll definitely be buying more of those again. There are still too many sticks in the pile, which means I need to get a little more strict about what I put in there. Best of all, nearly all of our vegetable and fruit waste went into the pile instead of down the garbage disposal – more soil for the garden, and less water wasted. My conclusion is that you can compost without putting any effort into it outside of digging it out twice a year – it may be less efficient than having a well-maintained “hot” pile, but it still works!


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  1. That’s what I do too–just throw stuff on it and let it sit until I need it.


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