New Fish

I was a bit puzzled in mid-summer when I saw no baby goldfish or shubunkins in the pond.  Last year, we had little fish by July 4.  But good news: there’s at least 3 baby shubunkins in there now, swimming with the rest of the fish.  There may be baby goldfish, too, but since they’re black, they’re hard to see when they’re tiny.

As for last year’s fish, there seems to be a quota on the goldfish turning gold.  Only one of the black ones will change color at a time; once it is completely golden, another will start up.  There are still at least 4 that are still completely black – perhaps they were spawned at the end of last summer and are not old or large enough to turn.  The two shubunkins spawned last year are mostly white with splashes of gold.  I’m hoping for a little black on some of this years’ fish since it seems like they’re not really shubunkins unless they’re calico.


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  1. shubunkins! What a cute name!!


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