Second Spring

Columbine...blooming in September
The columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) I planted in the spring didn’t bloom then, but it’s blooming now!

Late August and early September seem to be a second springtime for some of my native plants. Not only is one of my new columbines blooming, but also the Dutchman’s pipe is sending up new leaves for the first time since early June. (This happened last year as well, as shown in my Pond Evolution post.) It hasn’t been a particularly warm or dry summer, so that didn’t keep things back. I’d say it was the torrential rains of early and mid-August, but this has happened before in years without such a deluge. So I think I’ll chalk it up to the natives taking advantage of the fine clear weather we get here in September and October!

Lobelia and pond
The last of the lobelia blossoms, with the pond in the background. Even though the water hyacinths are HUGE this year, they’re not blooming and I’m not motivated to take pictures of a bunch of uniform green fleshy leaves.


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