Mystery Plant…Solved!

I was about one day from posting pictures here and asking folks whether it was a flower or a weed. And then, after two weeks of sitting there with little white buds, the mystery plant bloomed:

Bees love sweet Joe Pye!

The white buds became pale pinkish purple flowers and immediately attracted bees. I read a post by Gloria. Mystery solved! This was the sweet Joe Pye weed (Eupatorium purpureum) that I planted 2 or 3 years ago and gave up on after seeing it struggle to only a foot high with no blossoms that first year. This year, it’s 4.5 feet tall and just starting to bust out in flowers.

sweet Joe Pye leaves

Yet again, writing this blog has reminded me that I do not have enough patience with the garden. A lot of these native perennials just don’t look that spectacular the year they are planted, or even the next year after that (in fact, they sometimes look worse in the second year!). By the third year, though, they’re ready to shine.

Oh, and this bed is under a magnolia tree in the 12-foot-wide sideyard, so sweet Joe Pye weed is definitely a good pick for shade! (Notice the tell-tale hostas and ferns in the picture above.) Now I’m hoping it reseeds that bed a bit…so I can wait 4 years for another nice patch to appear.


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