Lazy Urban Composting: Part 3 – Bucket o’ Compost!

The compost pile hasn’t settled much in the past couple of weeks, so I decided to dig it out and see what was going on. The compostable plates are showing signs of breaking down, although perhaps regular paper plates would show the same behavior. Despite my decision to keep sticks out of the pile, there was still a fair amount of woody material in there, steadfastly refusing to break down. But hey, I still got an entire bucket of compost!

bucket o' compost

This may not seem revolutionary, but previously I would dig out a shovelful or two in late fall or early spring and that would be it for the year. I’m certainly adding more stuff to it now that there’s a compost pail by the sink and we’re getting loads of veggies from our CSA, but I believe it’s breaking down faster as well. The compost went to the front of the sideyard, where there’s a lot of bare clay and a handful of plants trying to hang on.

Improvements I’m considering are: watering it when I’m watering thevegetable/fruit bed next door to the pile, and maybe even aerating it every so often. I hate watering, though, and I don’t really have any proper aeration devices (a shovel? a rake?) so I don’t know if I’ll change my lazy ways. Hey, if I get two buckets of compost a year with very little effort, I’ll count this a success.


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