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first tomatillo

A lot of my posts have been about the pond and all the ornamental plants I’m growing.  Now that the vegetable plants are starting to produce, it’s time to switch gears and let them shine a bit.

I picked up the tomatillo plants at a garden center in Berwyn.  I’ve never tried growing them before; heck, I’ve never seen a tomatillo plant before I walked into the garden center.  The plants are big and sprawly, and the one getting the most sun has had a lot of blossoms.  I’m not sure whether we’ll actually get some tomatillos in the end, but as you can see above, we’re starting to get some fruit.

The Melrose pepper is maybe 8 inches high, and it has a single pepper that is about 6 inches long and dragging on the dirt.  Yes, it’s more than faintly ridiculous!  The habanero, while bigger and healthier looking than the Melrose, has had blooms but no fruit.  I’m sure that it’s the lack of sun in the bed that is at fault, but it’s not like I have a sunny bed anywhere in the garden.

The bush cucumber has loads of blossoms and tiny 1 inch cucumbers on it – I may be zone 5, but I’m definitely behind Carol’s progress!


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  1. I picked a few more cucumbers today. I should have counted how many I’ve picked from the beginning. I know I eat a couple a day… You will have cucumbers soon enough!


  2. Posted by lakechicagoshores on July 13, 2007 at 1:36 pm

    Oh, I know, but I envy you yours! Mine are yellow and tiny and look distinctly inedible at the moment.


  3. […] complaining about my cucumbers earlier, I have now harvested two, with three more just waiting to go. They’re sweet and crunchy – […]


  4. […] I mentioned before, I’ve gotten just one pepper on the still-scrawny Melrose pepper plant, and no peppers at all […]


  5. […] habanero pepper (after I’ve done several postings about how it wasn’t going to fruit this year…) […]


  6. Thanks for the ornamental plant infos. Glad to have found your this blog. Waiting for the next postings.


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