10 June

Alas, no pictures today – I was going to take some yesterday, but it was too stormy to get any nice ones!

The pond is looking fantastic. The water is now absolutely clear, and the only significant algae is in the stream above the waterfall. Now, of course, I’m worried that the fish are starving, but they have plenty of water plants to nibble on and the neighborhood 3-year-olds will undoubtedly visit for some fish feeding time soon.

The water lily doesn’t look as lush as it did last year at this time. I don’t know whether that is due to my dividing and repotting earlier in the year, or due to some nocturnal visitor a month after that who got the pads all tangled up and the basket askew. (Raccoon, I’m guessing, although it could have been an opossum.) I believe that this is yet another opportunity for me to be patient and see what happens….

I hope to get pics of the newly blooming lizardtail up soon!


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