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Composting: Part 2 – Nothing to Do

pond, peonies, and bench
My new acacia bench, with peonies and the pond. The compost heap is behind the bench, between the row of arborvitae and the Siberian elm. Pickerel weed (Pontederia cordata) is planted in the bottom of the pond.

I’m continuing to compost not just the eternal amounts of daylilies and goutweed that I keep liberating from the garden beds, but also fruit and vegetable scraps from the kitchen and, recently, some compostable plates from a backyard party. I haven’t dug down in the heap to see if it’s humus yet, but it does keep settling down in a gratifying way that it did not when it was full of branches. I have also been convincing myself that the heap feels warmer than the ground around it. In a week or two, I’ll dig it out and see whether the plates are breaking down, and if I have some lovely compost for my heavy clay soil.