Lazy Ponder – Lessons Learned


The fish are starting to get active….

I think I was correct in stating that aggressively removing leaves and other organic material from the bottom of the pond in fall and winter really reduced the amount of string algae I saw. However, I really did leave off a step in the process in the spring, and the pond suffered a bit for it.

First off, cleaning or replacing the filters in spring is a requirement, not an option! In parallel with this, I needed to use the garden-hose siphon to pull out muck from the bottom of the pond and from the biofalls and skimmer. This was only a 45 minute job, and all the murky water went towards watering (and fertilizing) the garden plants. This all needs to be done in late April or early May.

Secondly, I forgot to put bacteria in the pond frequently enough. I was putting in a dose once a week, but I was supposed to put it in daily for two weeks when the pond starts up in the spring. Once I realized this and started that regime up, the water cleared up considerably. Next year, I’ll start up the 2-week spiking right after the pond cleanout.

The pond looks pretty good now that I’ve completed these two steps and the plants have started growing and the fish are eating more (and thus dislodging the last bits of string algae from the bottom of the pond). Admittedly, the pond water is amber-colored, but my goal is not a swimming pool but a wildlife pond.


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