Plant ’til it hurts

Prairie trillium

Prairie trillium (Trillium recurvatum) is now in bloom. I planted this last spring and just put in 3 more this weekend.

I took this past Friday off for planting since I wanted to get the majority of it done before the cicadas emerge in a few days. After buying a bunch of herbs, a flat of French marigolds, and some pond plants, I arrived home to find that my shipment from Prairie Nursery had arrived. I enjoy planting, really I do….but I went a bit overboard and now have a bum knee to show for my effort. And I still need to plant most of the marigold flat and a handful of vegetables I haven’t bought yet! I’m guessing that a bit of ice and rest and some strengthening exercises (which I have neglected in favor of gardening) will help immensely. Good thing that it’s still in the 40s outside so I get that rest!

I’m seeing a lot of irises blooming around town, but there’s not so much as a bud on my wild irises (Iris virginica var. shrevei) in and around the pond. It appears that it’s supposed to bloom in May to early June, but this is also the north end of its range. I suppose I should just enjoy the foliage, but I’d like at least one flower. For now, I’ll just appreciate the amazing show that the wild geraniums are putting on, and wait for the peonies that are budding right now.


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  1. […] As I was hoping (but doubting), I’ve gotten a single wild iris bloom. It’s gorgeous! I’m hoping that a little aquatic fertilizer will encourage my other older iris to bloom as well. […]


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