16 May – hooray for rain!

Wild geranium, with Solomon's seal and celandine poppy
Wild geranium (lavender blooms) and celandine poppy (yellow blooms) with Solomon’s seal in the foreground and oakleaf hydrangea in the back.

I was really hoping that the predicted showers would show up yesterday, since we have had hardly any rain this month after enduring a long rain-free period in April. We did get nearly half an inch, and I’m eager to walk through the garden this morning to see if all the droopy plants (Dutchman’s pipe, I’m looking at you) perked up.

The pond is really looking nice after its spring cleaning. We lost our first goldfish in 18 months last week, but that poor shubunkin had a malformed mouth and wasn’t looking good after the winter. Everyone else looks great, particularly the baby fish spawned last year. The shubunkin babies look fantastic, and the goldfish babies look, well, dark. From what I’ve read they’re big enough to turn golden now….sound of tapping fingers… I think I need some of that garden patience with the pond, too.

And I saw my first bluebird this past weekend! It was sitting on our pebble “beach” taking a bath in the pond. I’m guessing it was a migrant, but how cool would it be to have it living in the neighborhood? I would love to see it at least once again, since I didn’t have time to properly identify it outside of its being blue and not a blue jay.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Lorenzo Bandini on May 17, 2007 at 2:48 pm

    I hope it wasn’t a dreaded Toronto Blue Jay…


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