The creature from the Black Lagoon

You should really divide your water lilies at some point before not one but two rhizomes start crawling out of the planter basket (click on the photo to see this in more detail). Oh, and before the roots grab onto every single rock at the bottom of the pond. The goldfish seemed rather amused by the 10-minute weight-lifting session required to haul this puppy out of the pond. Honestly, though, I bought this lily in early fall of 2005 – I didn’t expect that it would become the creature from the Black Lagoon so quickly!

All’s well that ends well: I cut off a 2-inch section of rhizome which had some lily pads growing out of it, and placed it in a much larger basket. Everything else is being composted outside of the rocks entangled in the roots, which got put on the stony beach you see here.


2 responses to this post.

  1. […] look as lush as it did last year at this time. I don’t know whether that is due to my dividing and repotting earlier in the year, or due to some nocturnal visitor a month after that who got the pads all tangled up and the basket […]


  2. […] trellis as well), and the mid-pond plants are noticeably lusher.  The water lily is smaller due to my extreme pruning in the springtime – I hope that it covers the pond next […]


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