That Awkward Time…

My beloved spouse looked at the pond yesterday afternoon and declared “We gotta clean it out now!”  So last night was spent washing out filters and sucking out a bit of the dirt that had settled to the bottom.  Although it was a messy job, it really only took an hour – gotta love an Aquascape pond!  It looks 100% better now, just like it did after last year’s cleaning.  Hmmm – maybe I should remember that early May is pond cleaning time…and it’s not optional.

Despite its being ugly and murky, the pond still drew a couple of visitors earlier this week:  a white-crowned sparrow and what I swear is a Cape May warbler.  There were yellow-rumped warblers at the pond last year, but this bird definitely had the rusty patches below its eyes of the Cape May.  I was unable to identify another new bird: robin-sized, evenly colored in gray brown.  I’m not enough of a birder to identify a bird with no markings!


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  1. […] string algae has started becoming noticeable in the pond, so cleanout time is on the horizon. Not this weekend, though: temps in the 40s and snow are not a good accompaniment […]


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