1 May

Does anyone else remember making May baskets with flowers and candy in them? You would then hang them on someone’s front door, ring the doorbell, and run away. I’m not sure whether this is a hallucination of my youth or something extremely regional like telling jokes on Halloween (er, Beggars’ Night).

This past weekend, I couldn’t drag myself inside even when I got hungry. The weather was so gorgeous, and weeding was so enjoyable. Yes, I’m sorta sick that way – digging in the dirt is really fun! I unearthed some oregano and sage from beneath the snow-on-the-mountain/goutweed/bishopsweed, moved some grass tufts from the native beds and mulch paths to the bare spots in the neglected front yard, transplanted a couple of ostrich ferns from the native beds to the front to make something of a rain garden at the bottom of the rain chain, and made a rudimentary twig fence for the sideyard. Nothing needed to be done immediately, so this was all just amusement for me. Well, perhaps fighting against the day lilies and fruitless strawberries that have taken over the area around the serviceberry is more serious, if only because removing them now is so much easier than waiting until they really take over in the summer.


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