Rain! Mail Order!

After the longest April rain-free period in Chicago history, we are now getting rain. I’m sure the fish are grateful that their pond is now full, although I’m sure I need to supplement their salt. The trees (outside of the oaks and sycamores) are leafing out and it’s really getting green. I am just a little bit too happy about this!

I’ve started my springtime mail-order spree. Even though mid-May is the traditional planting time, I think the natives will be tough enough to handle any early May chilliness. My first bunch will arrive next week from Stone Silo in northeast Wisconsin. I picked up some of their plants last year at the Green Bay Botanical Garden, and they were so strong and healthy that I decided to try to buy more of their stuff. Their prices are great, too! Now I just have to find a place for my impulse purchase of blue false indigo….


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  1. […] Native Plants Two days ago, I received all the plants* I ordered from Stone Silo Prairie Gardens last week. Wow! I’ve never gotten such big healthy plants via mail order before. They’ve survived […]


  2. […] showers would show up yesterday, since we have had hardly any rain this month after enduring a long rain-free period in April. We did get nearly half an inch, and I’m eager to walk through the garden this morning to see […]


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